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Gucci is our kitty.  About this time last year a stray cat outside had kittens.  We started calling the mama cat Lil’ Bit because she was such a little kitty and she had little bitty feet.   Lil’ Bit showed up around December, pregnant and hungry.  I will never let an animal go hungry if I can help it.  She was scared, very skittish, wouldn’t let me get near her or pet her, but she loved the food I out out for her, so much that she hung around almost all day until she was ready to have her babies, then she disappeared.  A few days passed and there she was again, skinny,  I knew she’d had her kitties but not where.  As much as I tried to follow her to her secret hiding place I never found it, she was very sneaky.  I worried about her and her babies so much, but during this time we had other things to worry about as well.

First one of our other cats was very sick and Marty was getting ready to be deployed overseas.  The day Marty left was the same day Peanut passed away, very sad day for me.  But then Lil’ Bit showed up and I had something else to occupy my mind and time, finding her babies became very important.  I stalked this cat for more than 2 weeks, every day, and still couldn’t find hersecret hiding place.  Then one day I was reading in bed and I saw something out the window, I looked and there was Lil’ Bit and one of her babies, the cutest little yellow tabby.  OMG, I jumped up, ran outside and they were gone.  They came back again later, then everyday for a week.  I tried to catch the kitten but it was learning to be skittsih like it’s mama.



Then I heard that some people had caught 2 kittens in an animal trap and I didn’t want them catching this one, I wanted it!!!!  So off I go to get my own safe animal trap.  It took a few days but I caught it.  IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I emailed the pictures above to Marty overseas and he named the little guy Gucci.  Lil’ Bit was was none too happy without her baby so she followed us inside and decided to stay.  It’s been at year since the kittens were born and almost a year since the two came inside and life as we know it is better with them than without.  Lil’ Bit finally warmed up to us and she is so attached to Marty, it’s lovely to witness.  Also, she will never be a skinny little cat again, her nickname is Chunky.

So today, March 15, is the day we gave Gucci for his birthday.  Since we never really know the actual day a stray kitty is born we try to get as close as we can and pick a day we can easily remember.  So today Gucci had a special treat for his day and he shared it with his mama Lil’ Bit and our other cat Biscuit.  The next picture will show what he got today.

Gucci's Birthday Surprise

Gucci's Birthday Surprise

Yep, he got sardines and he shared.  They were enjoyed by all, including Marty, but not me.

Everyone enjoying their sardines.
Everyone enjoying their sardines.

Happy Birthday Gucci.  And we pray for many more with you!


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