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Pet Peeve No. ??????

I know this is mostly a scrapbooking blog, but it is also ‘This Scrapper’s Life’ and right now in my life I’m somewhat peeved!

One of my pet peeves is someone thinking they can speak for me.  HELLO!!!  I do have a mouth of my own and I know how to use it!!!  If you don’t know that about me then you most certainly don’t know me well enough to speak for me.  GOT IT???  Do not EVER think you can speak for me, especially when you haven’t even heard from me in how long now?!!!!  GOT IT???

The other pet peeve is this….  If I call you several times and you won’t answer, if I leave a few messages and you don’t return my call, HELLO, I get the message and I won’t bother you EVER again.  YOU are the one that refused to answer when I called.  YOU are the one that never returned my calls and messages.  THAT sends a very loud and clear message that YOU don’t want to talk to me.  YOU are to blame for us not speaking anymore.  I tried and YOU DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about a little phone etiquette?  If I call to tell you something, you don’t answer, fine.  I thought enough about you to want to let you know something, you thought enough about me NOT to want to hear it.  If I leave you a message telling you I need to tell you something, I thought enough about you to want you to know there was something important to tell you, YOU thought so little of me that whatever I had to say you just didn’t care to hear.

OK, you see?  I got your message loud and clear.  I am leaving you alone, not to bother you again, your wish is granted.


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