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While the cats away the mice will play.  Well this is my version, while the husband is on a business trip the wife will clean house.  OK, so it’s not as rhymey or cute, but a heck of a lot more productive I can tell ya.  So hubby left yesterday for a week long business thingy and I get to stay home and finally do some spring cleaning.  Hubby loves that end result but HATES what the place looks like while I’m doing the cleaning.  You see, I take everything apart, remove stuff from furniture, move furniture around, I wipe every little thing, I make sure there are no dust bunnies left under or behind anything.  After all Easter is over now, gotta get rid of those bunnies!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I really shouldn’t be on here, or on Facebook, but I needed a little break, so did my allergies.  I just doubled up on my allergy meds.  Hopefully by the end of today or maybe tomorrow I will be done for another year.  Or at least until I get that feeling that somethings just not right and start over again.  At least my allergies will thank me in the morning.


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March 1, 2009 it snowed here in Middle Georgia.  SNOW.  IN MIDDLE GEORGIA.  My wish had come true. FINALLY.  So of course I had to scrap the pictures of that day.  I almost wish someone had been there taking pictures of me taking pictures of the snowfall.  There I was in short sleeves, capri pants and barefoot.  Yep I said BAREFOOT.  Now I would really have loved to see those pictures, but no one was taking pictures of me, after all IT WAS SNOWING IN MIDDLE GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!


Products used:  My Mind’s Eye Bella Bella “French Flea Market” Sweetness To Me, MME Bella Bella “French Flea Market” Sophie, American Crafts Thickers, Savvy-n-Sassy Lace and Large Ric Rac, Prima Flowers.

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I hope ya’ll are enjoying the day, wearing the green and for some eating and/or drinking something green.  I have my green shirt on, will be eating green beans and drinking green tea today!  So what’s green with you?


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Facebook Anyone???

So after all this time I finally let myself be talked into joining Facebook.  Previously I had joined Myspace, what a mistake that turned out to be.  I got propositioned almost daily by some form of pervert or another.  It just wasn’t worth it so I stopped going there, stuck with plain old email and my Yahoo Groups to electronically keep in touch with others.

So far Facebook has been wonderful!  I’ve gotten in touch with old classmates from the 80’s, people I haven’t seen or talked to in almost 20 years, last time we connected wasour 10 year reunion.  A few of those old forgotten memories are starting to emerge but I’ve still forgotten more than I remember.  So if you went to F. T. Wills High School around 1980 head over and check it out.  It’s free!  It’s easy!  Guess I’m sounding like an advertisement now so I’ll move on.  There’s also several group started for our school, the most popular is called ‘Long Live the Wills Tigers’ and there are almost 400 classmates that have joined.  Some have even shared pictures which are really cool to look at.  Come on over and take a look and find people you’ve lost contact with, it’s really amazing to get back in touch.



F. T. WILLS HIGH SCHOOL, CLASS OF 1980!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya!

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We like the show ‘Heroes’ a lot. Got hooked during the first season and knew we’d watch them all but when hubby got news that he was being deployed in the middle of the second season we decided I would record all the shows on our DVR to watch when he got home.  You know what they say about good intentions.  So when the third season started we couldn’t watch it since we hadn’t seen the end of the other yet, so I recorded that season.  Good intentions, right.  So we ended up with a few season’s on the DVR and 5 shows of the current season too.  All that was taking up an enormous amount of space on the recorder too, actually we were almost out of space because you see we did the same thing with the show ‘Life’ as well.  This weekend we had our ‘Heroes’ marathon, got completely caught up including last nights show.  I’m totally exhausted too.  Want to guess what we’re doing on our next free weekend?

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Hello world!

I’ve decided to delve once again into the blogging world.  It didn’t work out as planned before, but I’m hoping for something better or at least different this time around.

I’ve really gotten into scrapping a lot more this past year.  Actually, it’s become an obsession for me.  I so love it when I’m scrapping.  I love the paper.  I love the tools.  I love all the embellishments.  Seriously, what’s not to love?!!!!  I also love all the friendships that have blossomed from this passion too.  I’m hoping to share this passion with anyone who reads this blog, share ideas, new creations, my favorite sites and internet discoveries.  I hope you join me in this journey and we all can enjoy ourselves along the way.  See you around!


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